The Ecowaterdrone Challenge

Check out the people and organizations behind this challenge!

Robin Teigland

Robin Teigland is the Director of Ocean Data Factory Sweden and a Professor of Digitalization at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Robin is a passionate ocean lover and
firmly believes that anyone – no matter their age, education, or location, can participate in making our oceans happier and
healthier. She also understands the symbiosis between the oceans and coastal communities, and she strives to understand how we can use new technologies, such as the blockchain, drones, artificial intelligence, and 3d printing, to empower coastal communities to improve this symbiosis.

Mabel Ruby Groenendijk Mabel is an online English tutor and translator working with everyone from school children to corporate clients. She grew up in Portugal and recently returned after spending six years in Brazil. She has always lived by the sea and has decided to settle in Peniche after realizing the amazing potential of its beautiful beaches, world-class waves and the great people that make up its authentic fishing community. 

Mabel Ruby Groenendijk

Kaja Bukovec

Kaja Bukovec recently moved to Peniche, Portugal to finish her Master of Graphic Design and to enjoy living near the coast. Originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia, she travels as much as possible, capturing memories with her camera along the way. In love with the details, color harmonies and old towns, Kaja is passionate about graphic and web design, working with international clients and improving her skills all the time.

Marko Javeršek is studying in Portugal and trying to catch as many waves as possible along the way. Surfing is also the reason why he moved to Peniche. He is a graphic and web designer with international experience who likes to experiment with new programs and designs. Together with Kaja, they are building a fresh design duo, active in several design fields.

Marko Javeršek