The Ecowaterdrone Challenge

Can we build a water drone using only things we have at home?

We have the goal of making our oceans healthier and we want you to join us! Today there are several water drones that collect ocean data, such as temperature or salinity, or images of the ocean. But these drones are often out of reach in terms of price or access to materials for people who want to help out.


We want to connect as many brilliant minds as possible to explore the possibilities of water drone construction. Our idea is to build a community so that together we can develop surface and underwater drones using only commonly found household materials. This way anyone who would like to be part of the global ocean movement can join.

Some of you will have the materials, some will have the ideas, some may have nothing but enthusiasm, but collectively we can create something awesome!

We will showcase our community and drone submissions at the “Oceans: Open source for the Future” online conference on June 8, 2020 – UN World Oceans Day, hosted by Smart Ocean Peniche.

electric drill

Go ahead and build a badass drone!

Submit your ideas or project by June 1, 2020.

Maybe you would like to present your ideas at the Oceans Conference on June 8, 2020!

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